Salman Yousefi

-Residing in West LA
-Born 1980 and raised in Isfahan the most famous historical and Artistic city in
-Ranked 10th. in Universities Entrance exam 1999 among 250K participants.
-TU , Faculty of Fine Arts graduated (industrial Design)
– AAU San Francisco, Graduated in Master of Interior and Architecture Design
-Art instructor : Technical design, Form and Space , Hand sketch , color studying
Basics and Advance
-Greatly interested in creating Art pieces
– Inclined in innovating interior spaces
-familiar with Autocad and Revit
– I despise to be seating and just drafting by computer.
-PLEASE consider to my skill
– I have a professional home studio with my wife in home. We can do all a design
project from start to end ( Almost all softwares , 2D, Adobe software, 3D
modeling , 3D rendering skilled)
-As a Interior Designer, in these years l,m following special mindset to creating
new texture, making WallArts , Special installation and concepts. As a major
theme , l was inspired by shapes of words, calligraphy and alphabet which can
be seen and observe it in my Art projects. Also this theme is very diverse and
it has the ability to be inspired by other themes or features. In the near future
l plan to create and innovative spaces with unseen textures by applying my past
Other fields that l am open to cooperation:
-Interior Design
-Interior Solutions
-Signage Design and solution
-Lighting Design and Solution
-Furniture Design and Interior Arrangement
-Landscape Design
-Wall-art , texture and interior color consultation


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